A bunch things that are but aren't:

1. Joe The Plumber:  name isn't Joe, not a licensed plumber.

2. Dr. Phil: not a licensed doctor.

3. French Kissing:  not French.  In fact, in France they call it "English Kissing."

4. "Elementary, my dear Watson": Sherlock Holmes.  Never said it.

5. "Play it again, Sam": Humphrey Bogart.  Never said it.

6. Killer Whale:  not a whale, and rarely a killer.

7. Bohemian Ruby: not a ruby.

8. Convenience Charge: utility company term for charging a fee to send you a bill. not very convenient.

9. Lead Pencil: graphite, not lead.

10. Tin Foil: aluminum, not tin.

11. Guinea Pigs: not pigs. not from Guinea.

12. Head Cheese: meat, not cheese.

13. Peanut: not a nut.

14. French Horn: invented in Germany, not France.

15. Grape Nuts: no grapes, no nuts.

16. Paul Revere: didn't say "The British are coming!"  It was Israel Bissell.

17. Herbal Tea: no relation to any Tea plant

18. Airplane's Black Box:  painted bright orange, not black.

19. Tremolo arm on guitar:  produces vibrato, not tremolo.

20. Greenland: mostly ice.

21. Iceland: mostly green.

22. Pennsylvania Dutch: German, not Dutch. Someone mispronounced Deutsch, the German word for "German."

23. Christian Science: not a science.

24. Funny bone: not a bone.

25. Scotland Yard: located in England.